Echo CHamber Recap Episode 173


Posted by Eric DiGiovanni | July 15, 2016


-There seems to be a Monopoly game for pretty much anything,

-Betting on CS:GO/ControversyAs Summed Up By Jim Sterling:

-Dan Ryckert is "for the love of God he's trying" in human form. It seems that every week on the Bombcast he says something that makes me blurt out "Wait, how did you NOT know that?" But, as he reassures us week to week, he is trying new things and undoing old bad habits.

Except the whole "I expect a pallette of diet soda to be shipped to my house every month"
I think during Giant Bomb's 2015 End Of The Year Podcast he was compared to Papyrus from Undertale.

-We've shittalked Livin' Da Dream enough on this podcast. I feel bad about it, but I also hope that NBA 2K17 has a similar stupid campaign mode story.

-For comparison, here's the beginning of "Up":

-Sakaguchi's Mega64 Video:

-Gnarls Barkley's Music Video for "Run":

-Barney in Robot Chicken:

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