Echo Chamber Recap Episode 177


Posted by Eric DiGiovanni | August 11, 2016


-Arcanon, we're your friends. Please stop doing crimes. First you start off by having been mistakely banned in GTA V then you commit more dire crimes, like marijuana needles or saying the cusswords.

Remember: When you want to do crimes, instead eat a lime.

-Having since played Lucioball, I can confirm that it's really fun to play, and lends itself better to a proper soccer proxy than ROcket League, since your characters don't move as fast or as loose as a car, so you have more control, and more players per team lends better to having strict positions (usually forward/midfield/goalie)

-FUN FACT: The Soldier being healed by a medic in TF2 is called the "Pocket Soldier" and the un-Medic Soldier is called the "Roaming Solider"

-"Cowboy" by Kid Rock

-Here's just one example of Ubers's cosplay witchcraft:


The Goon is seriously really good, and when it takes a break from the hilarious action to focus on The Goon as a human being, then it gets required reading for any comic fan. Yeah, there's punching zombies and all some freaky mob shit going down but yo, check this: The mob boss he was The Goon for gunned down the aunt who raised Lil' Goon who then bashed the boss's head in with a rock out of vengeance.

-Rhythm Bastard's Super Group
Vocals: Janelle Monae
Lead Guitar: Tom Morello
Rhythm Guitar: Nile Rodgers
Bass: Flea
Drums: Travis Barker

Arcanon's Super Group
Vocals: David Draymond
Guitar: Tom Morello
Bass: Justin Chancellor
Drums: Neil Peart

Jeff's Super Group
Vocals: "Zoli" Téglás
Guitar: Trevor Riley
Guitar: Tepe
Bass: Matt Freeman
Drums: Brooks Wackerman

Mystakin's Super Group
Vocals and Guitar: Orianthi
Bass: Rob Trujio
Drums: Zack Starky

-All Metallica Songs Are 4 Minutes:

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