Echo Chamber Recap Episodes 180 and 181


Posted by Eric DiGiovanni | September 18, 2016


-The Simpsons and classic movies:

-My Dad is a HUGE Star Wars nut, so naturally he took us to the Special Editions in '97 and The Pahntom Menace in 1999. He was talking about it all the time, so I just assumed it was a big deal. Then again, I haven't seen Captain America: Civial War yet, so it is possible to miss out on an "event" movie.

-Possible feature to add to the side:
Who Are We Throwing Our Money At?
A collection of all the people we recommend supporting through Patreon, Kickstarter, Buying All Their Shit, etc.


-I think adding a "Hashtag" to things is the equivalent of adding Dad to it where it worsens and cheapens whatever the word is.
Dad Courage- I'm going to try the DOUBLE Bacon Cheeseburger

#Jokes- I am ironicaly referring to what I just said as comedy
Dad Jokes- Hi ____, I'm Dad! See also, "I know you're good, but do you want any more food?" and "You can tune a piano but you tune a fish?"

#Bod- This Instagram picture has a body in it. Somewhere. Alive?
DadBod- Not fat enough to be fat, but fat enough to show that you stopped trying.

Super Mario Run Trailer:

-It feels... desperate that the console market is working in iterations. The main rallying point of consoles is that everything works right out of the box, and the main thrust of this console generation is that they want to be the main focus of your living room. I'm not sure what these upgrades are supposed to accomplish other than "we're making them better". Look at the "thesis" of the past couple generations:

-WiiU/Xbone/PS4: We want to own your TV. You can stream your TV through us, you can browse the internet us, we want to OWN YOUR LIVING ROOM.
-PS3/360/Wii: Online mofos!
-PS2/Xbox/Gamecube: I think we figured out this 3D shit you guys!

-Everyone plays video games. Especially during the 80's. However, a lot of what changed our perspective of video games happened after the Crash of '83. Nintendo fixed this by selling video game as Toys rather than Electronics. Toy aisles back then had were separated by gender, they picked Boys. Still, even in the early days, video games were still popular with everyone.

However, as mentioned in the podcast, then shit got complicated. FOUR buttons? SHOULDER PADS? ANOTHER one?

Where games like Halo succeeded is that they removed the "feelbads" from the game: Recharging shields, less complicated firing weapons, etc. While the controls are still ridiculous to someone who hasn't played, the game itself is more accommodating.

-Japanese Yodeling:

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